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Mount Everest

Der überaus lesenswerte Blog Parisian Gentleman hat jetzt das Ergebnis seines 2014 Ready-to-Wear Men's Suit Review vorgelegt. Hieraus zitieren unten wir den "Testbericht" über Cesare Attolini, "the Mt. Everest of Neapolitan tailoring"... 

Denn nicht zu vergessen: auch wenn unsere Kunden überwiegend maßgefertigte Anzüge von Cesare Attolini bevorzugen – das ein oder andere gute Stück "von der Stange" hätten wir bei uns in der Theaterstraße 13 für Sie hängen!

The Mt. Everest of Neapolitan tailoring
From 4500 to 8000€

Cesare Attolini is one of those luxurious handmade RTW brands, like Kiton and Brioni, that actually retails for a higher price than a bespoke suit.

Of those three stratospherically-priced brands, Attolini is perhaps the most beautiful, and the one that feels the nicest to wear. It’s a little known fact that Attolini also make suits for other brands — you can look for their trademark yellow sizing label inside the trousers, to identify whether some other high-end Italian RTW suit are actually being made by Attolini — e.g. Luciano Barbera Sartoriale is made by Attolini, among others (Gianfranco Ferre may have used Attolini also at one point, TBC).

The wonderful handmade construction and details of the Attolini topline are on par with bespoke, which can explain the high retail price. The style of the Attolini suit is the most perfect example, in RTW, of the wide lapel, high gorge, natural shoulder and 3 roll-2 look that you can only usually find in contemporary Italian bespoke.

It’s as if Attolini took all the elements from the perfect Neapolitan bespoke suit and made them available as RTW.

++ : Amazing contemporary Italian styling that’s hard to find outside of bespoke.
- – : Stratospheric Prices.

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