Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

Pitti 89, Rakish Lunch and Business Cards!

Herre we go. The day after tomorrow Pitti Uomo 89 open the doors for buyers, shop owners, bloggers and sartorial fans who want to see the latest collections from all over the world. Small factories, manufacturers, big companies and new brands will show what they developed the last months.
As always in January we are going to see the new fall/winter collection (for 2016/17). 

What will be a new trend, what are the most interesting brands, fabrics and models?

Most of the buyers know what they want and need (do they need anything!?) – they have a structure to follow from day to day. Some attend the entire four days from Tuesday to Friday but most of them just stay the core days: Tuesday and Wednesday

Michael Jondral already has some very concrete plans of what he will buy from Finamore 1925, Orazio Luciano, Simonnot-Godard, Sealup, Albert Thurston, Carmina and all the others that attend to the fair. Moreover, its more for a first information and an update if there is anything that is entirely new. Finally, the order will be placed in the brands showroom in Milano.

Therefore, Michael decided – after being mentioned as one of The Most Rakish Men from the Rake Japan – to invite all other nine Most Rakish Men to a get-together. Rakish Lunch. Having lunch in a very nice atmosphere of gentlemen from all over the world. Mark Cho, Ethan Newton, Andreas Weinås, Simon Crompton and more will come and talk and discuss about the latest trends, sartorial problems and more. We will keep you updated with more information after the lunch – stay tuned! 

As this is not a contest or meeting of rivals we do not think that the situation will be like in the video below. Where Christian Bale (as Patrick Bateman) is showing his latest business card and all his colleagues show off with their own. Small details decide what and who you are...

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